What’s on in Beechworth online calendar.

Have you ever wondered what all the community groups in Beechworth actually do? I am truly amazed that there are over 90 groups in our little town all doing the most spectacular things.

Last Tues evening and Wed afternoon, Quercus invited all these community groups to come together to chat about what they are wanting to achieve in 2018. The sessions were facilitated by Sue Gold and Tammy Atkins who were great at keeping track of everything that was said. It was such a good conversation and everyone who attended was really interested to hear of the fantastic things that are happening in Beechworth. 

We were able to introduce everyone to the new online What’s on in Beechworth calendar which is located on the Quercus website. http://quercusbeechworth.com.au/  Here you can post any of your community activities/events/ workshops or check out that your planned activity doesn’t clash with something else……and even better, the Quercus What’s on in Beechworth posts will be running on the new big screen in the IGA. What a great way to promote your activity! Thank you IGA.

During these discussions it became very clear that many groups have shared interests and goals. It was so exciting to hear the buzz in the room as people began to connect with like minded groups and consider what could be possible if resources and time was shared. 

Special thanks to everyone who came to these sessions and for the very positive feedback you gave. Like minded networks and opportunities to collaborate, can only contribute to an ever strengthening Beechworth community. There will be further information about how Quercus can assist with this.

Please check out the “What’s on in Beechworth” calendar. We would love you to post your next event/class/meeting.


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