Be Connected – Afternoon Tea and Information Session

Do you want to know more about your smartphone, IPad or Tablet? Do you want to know how to keep in contact with family and friends online? Do you worry aout not being safe online? The Be Connected program will run every Wed afternoon from 1.30 -3.30 at Quercus for six weeks commencing on Wed 14th aug. You are invited to join us for afternoon tea and hear Karen Nankervis speak about the benefits of being online.You can then work one on one with a digital mentor who will be able to assist you. Continue Reading

A first winter “View from Quercus”

It is a rather bleak miserable view today as we see the first days of winter but….it is simply beautiful! The tones of autumn against the grey dampness of a cold wet day could not but ‘warm the hearts of us all”. This is the view from the Quercus Bookshop on the 11th May 2018. My day has also been warmed by the generosity of the fourteen volunteers who gathered together in the bookshop to share their ideas for improvements to the Quercus bookshop.  These changes may not be obvious to others but they will enhance the efficiency, the comfort and the way we do business at Quercus. This morning the bookshop was warmed with laughter, discussion and many great ideas but most importantly it was filled with the joy of making a contribution to this beautiful bookshop.  Special thanks to everyone for the amazing contribution you make to Quercus Continue Reading

Thank you Beechworth!

What a wonderful community we live in!! Thousands of people have visited our town over the 2018 Easter break to enjoy the amazing parade, the many markets, art exhibitions and BONA Art Sale, the Old Gaol, Mayday Hills, the historical precinct, travelling fun park, the local attractions, cycling and the food, wine and shopping. The town was simply buzzing….and of course we turned on the most glorious autumn weather!!!! None of this happens without hundreds of volunteers and dedicated business owners; all of whom make time to share their skills, experience and enthusiasm to make this a wonderful weekend for all. Thank you Beechworth. Continue Reading

What’s on in Beechworth online calendar.

Have you ever wondered what all the community groups in Beechworth actually do? I am truly amazed that there are over 90 groups in our little town all doing the most spectacular things. Last Tues evening and Wed afternoon, Quercus invited all these community groups to come together to chat about what they are wanting to achieve in 2018. The sessions were facilitated by Sue Gold and Tammy Atkins who were great at keeping track of everything that was said. It was such a good conversation and everyone who attended was really interested to hear of the fantastic things that are happening in Beechworth.  We were able to introduce everyone to the new online What’s on in Beechworth calendar which is located on the Quercus website.  Here you can post any of your community activities/events/ workshops or check out that your planned activity doesn’t clash with something else……and even Continue Reading

Green Fingers and flexible!!

Welcome  to the Green Fingers Gardening Club who meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month; a group of keen gardeners, some experienced and some just learning. Every month they visit different gardens in the region, learn from experts or just share their successes and failures with the  other gardeners. The group had planned to agree their annual schedule of activities today, but with the “best laid plans of men and mice” the hall was occupied with the sounds of the Italian language. Resi’s Italian for Beginners was in full swing!  Not to be deterred by a problem of a double booked venue, we were able to whip out our cheerful new garden umbrellas (with kind thanks to the Bendigo Community Bank) grab some chairs, dust down the tables and voila! the perfect meeting spot for Green Fingers; the Quercus Garden!!! Hans and Susan, who every Tues work in the Continue Reading

Of another time!

Just recently a young woman came into the bookshop seeking assistance with the Access Point (Medicare and Centrelink). She needed to fax a document. I showed her the fax machine, noting that she looked quite confused. It was this point that I realised she did not know what a fax machine was as she was far too young. I felt about 150 years old!!!!  When I  returned to the bookshop I was laughing about this delightful interaction and related the story to some customers and volunteers. This prompted a wonderful conversation about past technologies; teletext, Gestetners, cassettes and videos. Oh how times have changed!! Continue Reading

What’s on at Quercus this weekend!

Jo, Jan Trish and I are back full swing into the job of connecting people in Beechworth! Q Pizza is on this Sat and it will be great;  27 degrees, sunny, the Flea Market, the Farmers Market across the road, great new umbrellas thanks to the Bendigo Community Bank and lovely wines and cider from Amulet. Perfect!!!  If you have not been up this end of town on the first Saturday morning of the month then make this Sat 3rd Feb 2018, the day!! Come up and check out all that is happening, then wander down the side of the Bookshop to the garden behind for lunch. Come around 12.00 (open from 11.00-2.00) for the best pizza, washed down with a lovely glass of wine or cider. Bring family and friends or come on your own; it is really friendly. We would love to see you! ~Jude   SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave Continue Reading

A Broad View From Quercus!

It has been a little while since I last posted, as Quercus had taken a break over the Christmas New year time. I do hope it has been a peaceful time for you and your family and friends.             Over the break there were some comments that ‘played out’ on the  Beechworth Community FB group in regards to the lack of organised public activities happening in Beechworth over the Christmas/New year break. It is very easy for people to be critical on FB but at Quercus we believe that a well connected community, that takes responsibility for itself, is a strong community. Perhaps those people who commented on FB, and others,  have suggestions as to how our community could change this? Quercus is always looking for new ways to engage and connect our community!   You can forward any suggestions in reply to this post.        Continue Reading

Another busy year at Quercus!

It is almost impossible to imagine Christmas 2017 is upon us. As always, it has been a busy year at Quercus with the introduction of Q Pizza, the continuation of the monthly Flea Market, the delightful Community Sharing Feasts, the activity of the Quercus Bookshop, the exciting seasonal calendar of workshops and classes, the ongoing development of the garden, the Beechworth Community Support Op Shop and the Community Food program. Special thanks to all the volunteers who so generously donate their time to make these amazing things happen. Also a very big thank you goes to the Correctional Services Community Crew who undertook a refurbishment of the  Oregon Hall, the external buildings and the creation of the Quercus Green. This was all made possible with a grant from Indigo Shire. A major project for the year has been the development of the What’s On In Beechworth calendar. In July, we Continue Reading

A Night for Beechworth Readers!!

Last night the Quercus Book Conversations group, all 12 of us met, for our last meeting for 2017. This is an informal ‘get together’ of like minded readers who  meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Quercus Bookshop to share what we have been reading for the month, over a glass of wine and some food. It is always a delightful evening; relaxed, friendly and a great way to influence our next exciting read. As  I always say;  “it is a great book group; you don’t have to have read anything and you don’t even have to come”. Hey, how relaxed is that!!  As we were finishing up, the next Quercus Book Club arrived for their end of year get together. We washed the wine glasses, handed over leftover food and showed them to the Quercus garden where they were meeting. This group of dedicated readers meet Continue Reading