Do you need a meal delivered?

Are you eating well? Is someone you know struggling with cooking?

If you or others you know in the neighbourhood could benefit (due to age, illness, trauma, grief or loss, finances, physical or mental health etc.) from a precooked frozen meal or two arriving on the doorstep once a week whilst we are all stuck at home please contact us.

Quercus Beechworth is currently delivering frozen meals to those who need extra support at this time. Quercus Beechworth accesses fresh produce from Albury/Wodonga Regional Foodshare, then with the help of our volunteers, prepare, cook and freeze meals. Community Food is free of charge.

And, please note that if you are really struggling financially we can also assist with utilities, petrol vouchers, pharmaceutical bills and assistance with school costs. Supermarket vouchers are also available.

To find out more just call us on 0408 860 231. Or email us here