Another busy year at Quercus!

It is almost impossible to imagine Christmas 2017 is upon us.

As always, it has been a busy year at Quercus with the introduction of Q Pizza, the continuation of the monthly Flea Market, the delightful Community Sharing Feasts, the activity of the Quercus Bookshop, the exciting seasonal calendar of workshops and classes, the ongoing development of the garden, the Beechworth Community Support Op Shop and the Community Food program. Special thanks to all the volunteers who so generously donate their time to make these amazing things happen. Also a very big thank you goes to the Correctional Services Community Crew who undertook a refurbishment of the  Oregon Hall, the external buildings and the creation of the Quercus Green. This was all made possible with a grant from Indigo Shire.

A major project for the year has been the development of the What’s On In Beechworth calendar. In July, we asked many of you how you get your community information now and how would you like to receive it in the future. The outcome of this consultation was the What’s on in Beechworth calendar which is located on the Quercus website: Thanks to all of you have posted your events on the calendar throughout the testing phase. Early in 2018 we shall launch the calendar and encourage the whole Beechworth community to use it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jo, Trish and Jan for their enthusiasm for all that we do, their professionalism and their desire to always do the very best for the Beechworth community. Thanks also to the ‘other Jo’s ‘; one who assists with admin and one who keeps Quercus clean!

–and thank you to the Quercus Board for your dedication, leadership and great sense of community and a special welcome to our three new Board members who have joined the Board for 2018.

Wishing the Beechworth community a very peaceful Christmas and a great 2018.