A first winter “View from Quercus”

It is a rather bleak miserable view today as we see the first days of winter but….it is simply beautiful!

The tones of autumn against the grey dampness of a cold wet day could not but ‘warm the hearts of us all”.

This is the view from the Quercus Bookshop on the 11th May 2018.

My day has also been warmed by the generosity of the fourteen volunteers who gathered together in the bookshop to share their ideas for improvements to the Quercus bookshop.  These changes may not be obvious to others but they will enhance the efficiency, the comfort and the way we do business at Quercus.

This morning the bookshop was warmed with laughter, discussion and many great ideas but most importantly it was filled with the joy of making a contribution to this beautiful bookshop. 

Special thanks to everyone for the amazing contribution you make to Quercus and to the Beechworth community.

~ Jude

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