A Broad View From Quercus!

It has been a little while since I last posted, as Quercus had taken a break over the Christmas New year time. I do hope it has been a peaceful time for you and your family and friends.            

Over the break there were some comments that ‘played out’ on the  Beechworth Community FB group in regards to the lack of organised public activities happening in Beechworth over the Christmas/New year break. It is very easy for people to be critical on FB but at Quercus we believe that a well connected community, that takes responsibility for itself, is a strong community.

Perhaps those people who commented on FB, and others,  have suggestions as to how our community could change this? Quercus is always looking for new ways to engage and connect our community!   You can forward any suggestions in reply to this post.          

On Christmas Day there was house fire in Beechworth. Thankfully no-one was hurt, but a young family lost all their belongings. Thoughts also go to the people who owned the house. I can’t begin to imagine how this experience must have been for the Novosad-Geddis family but as Jackson and  Kasey expressed in a beautiful post on FB  they had been overwhelmed by the generosity and support offered by the town.  

I am constantly reminded and am truly grateful to live in a community that is engaged,  compassionate and generous; a town that is eager to support and assist where needed, to find solutions to things in our community that aren’t perfect and to willingly share all that we can offer. 


The Board, staff and volunteers at Quecus wish you all the very best 2018.



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