Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone and lifeblood of Quercus Beechworth and we place great value on the contribution of each and every one.

If you are interested in finding out about volunteering in our organisation please contact volunteers@quercusbeechworth.com.au. We would be delighted to have a coffee with you and tell you more about the opportunities in our organisation.

Volunteering offers people the opportunity to contribute to their community, meet people, update or acquire new skills and share in local experiences. Quercus, with its diversity of activities and supportive environment, is a great place to volunteer.

We have volunteering positions available in:

  • gardening
  • retail (Op Shop & Quercus Community Books)
  • administration
  • event management

Quercus Beechworth welcomes and supports all types of volunteers: community members, student placements, people on community based orders, people seeking employment skills and people new to town.