The Connecting Beechworth project

It’s effective communication that makes a community tick, right?
That’s our thinking at Quercus Beechworth, and we’re embarking on a consultation program over the next few months so that we can begin to understand how our community talks.

Much of our interest for 2017 will be on understanding how messages get out across Beechworth. We’re keen to know how you currently hear about activities in town and how you’d prefer to learn what’s going on. Does an old-fashioned telephone tree still work? Are paper newsletters still the rage, or have we all embraced websites and social media? How would you best be informed if there was a disaster?

We’re undertaking Kitchen Table Conversations. These discussions, together with an online survey should provide some useful data which might culminate in a different approach to better connect our community.

Phase 1 – Kitchen Table Conversations

To kick off, a number of people have stepped forward and agreed to host a KTC. These hosts will bring together small groups of up to nine others. These might be friends, neighbours, family, workmates, or people they know from community networks. The group can meet around a kitchen table, at their workplace, in the park, at a coffee shop – anywhere! Hosts facilitate a conversation for a couple of hours that is focused on the themes identified by the organisers.

Interested in being a host? It’s easy, our KTC Host Kit has all the information you’ll need to get started. Otherwise, you’re welcome to drop into Quercus or to contact us for assistance.

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This project is a possibility thanks to funding from the Into Our Hands Community Foundation, Helen MacPherson Smith Trust and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.